Bush and Climate Change

Climate change has been a fad-issue of late. Everyone from Al Gore to Oprah have been championing the concept as being crucial. After so much debate and discussion, climate change has an unlikely new hero…..George Bush.

Ok, so George is not actually changing anything. The current President has avoided the issue for the entire duration of his terms thus far, and I doubt this will change. In fact, the President has a knack for promising general action toward global warming, but not delivering any. It’s actually common knowledge that the Bush administration has limited the role of the EPA in a number of specific cases.

President Bush will however address climate change with an “intermediate goal to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the United States”. Ooohh, this could get interesting. But wait, he will “not make specific proposals”, the White House said Tuesday morning. Nevermind, same old-same old.

There is the unlikely possibility that Bush will enact some sort of tax-system to regulate the use of greenhouse-emitting resources in US industries. That would be bad. As I have mentioned in a number of other areas, regulation by the government is not good. When it comes to climate change and what not, this is also a bad idea. This will raise the cost of goods for consumers, hurt the economy and only limit climate change in the short run. A better approach (really the only one) is to cut taxes for industries that use the greener but more expensive alternatives. You could also speed up the process of innovating the entire market by cutting taxes across the board.

While raising taxes or enacting emission restrictions are not likely to come from Bush, a tax break doesn’t seem that out of reach. Ironically, all the recent jazz about global warming will likely pressure the President not to lower taxes, as this would be misinterpreted as an anti-environment move. So perhaps this explains Bush’s lingering decision to do nothing….

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