Economic Idiot of the Week: L.A. School System

Actually they are more like the economic idiot of the decade…

Now this may not be the school board that authorized it but they sure didn’t stop it. They spent 400 million dollars on a school because:

"The high school project, which was built on a former oil field, began more than 20 years ago. According to published reports, planners realized there were explosive methane gas and toxic waste on the 33-acre site, but said they were surprised to learn – after construction was well under way – of the seriousness of the problem. The project was abandoned in 2000, when the school board decided the former oil field was no place for children or other living things."

They then changed their mind spending money channeling and filter those fumes but wait there is more!

"No sooner had construction begun than the developer discovered that the school site was smack dab on top of what officials described as "a small but troublesome earthquake fault." Construction was stopped again, and in 2004 more than half of the buildings, which had never seen a teacher or a student, were demolished."

Supposedly, they then fixed that problem with building the new buildings and now you have:

"So, after 20 years and $400 million, Belmont, now renamed the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, will open this fall and serve about 2,800 students. In a final exercise in deceit, the cost of the high school is listed on the district’s website as $198,505,125, a figure that disregards the $200 million that was spent on buildings that were demolished."

This info is from the Press-Telegram which can be found here.

This is why central planning is stupid. A private enterprise would not allow a school to be built on this land. If they did make the mistake they would go out of business instead of making the tax payer pick up the bill.

Oh and now they are cutting teachers, what a surprise?

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