Keep the Internet Free

For those of you who are unaware, the government is considering further regulation of the internet. In this case, the proposed legislation is to assure the equality of internet traffic. This would require a heavy dose of monitoring from the FCC over all US originated traffic, servers and networks. Basically, the possible law would slow the growth of the internet while making it also much more expensive.

FCC chairman Kevin Martin says that new legislation is completely unnecessary. Martin says that the federal agency currently has appropriate responsibilities, and that those current mandates might be better enforced. I rarely agree with the policies of federal bureaucrats, but Martin is right here. If we control who gets what when it comes to internet traffic, we will give bandwidth to those who don’t really deserve it, and take away from the business of others.

Let’s consider the current role of the internet. While experts initially doubted the success of the internet in the civilian market, it is obviously a huge economic success. While much of the internet is driven by individuals with non-profit agendas, the internet’s growth is due to entrepreneurs. Long ago, telecommunications corporations realized they could make a profit selling bandwidth to internet users. Today, most server space and routers are committed to networks maintained by a business. The internet is responsible for a tremendous amount of international economic activity.

To further regulate the internet, would mean slowing it down, making it less efficient in normal operation, and of course increase the cost of access and doing business. It is in the interest of everyone to keep the government out of the internet. I urge you not to support your representative if they propose further web regulation.

of particular note…the image at upper right is an approximation of a modern internet configuration

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