A Bad Move for Iran

Sorry this is short; it’s been busy…

Two independant sources located in London and the Middle East have confirmed that 5 captured Britons are being held in Iran. The sources claim that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is responsable for the detention of the prisoners. The Revolutionary Guard is the highest enforcement entity in the nation of Iran, and strictly adheres to government officials.

This news is quite troubling, but not entirely surprising. American intelligence officials have long claimed the involvement of Iranian forces in Iraq. The recent capture of the 5 British men occured in Iraq, far from the juristiction of Iraninan authority. If these statements are proved correct, this would confirm the existence of Iraninan operations within Iraq. In addition, it would give the US tremendous political legitimacy in asserting additional restrictions on the fundamentalist nation….possibly even military action to assure adherence.

I’m interested to see how this plays out. No one really wants a confrontation between the US and Iran…..this Iraq debacle has cost us all enough already. But actions like these could result in some real problems…

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