Scarface Economics, Part One

Unlike most people, I just got around to watching the famous movie Scarface. Probably also unlike most people I was surprised with how much economic thought was put in the script.

First, at the very beginning of the movie he is being interviewed. The cop is mad at him for having been in jail in Cuba. He explains to the cop, what that basically a just man is in jail in an unjust world. Scarface makes an interesting point, that in a world where you are watched all the time, told what to do and think, and work for no money, you cannot stand around and do nothing about it. Which is exactly what communism was…

Second, when Scarface is negotiating with dealers, after doing them a favor and killing the guy in Freedomland, to make money. They try to pay Scarface and his buddy too low of a wage, so Scarface rejects because of how high the risk of killing that guy was. The dealers say we could have gotten him killed for cheaper and Scarface who understands Capitalism said "Why didn’t you?"

This is important when people talk about workers being exploited by their employers. It doesn’t happen because even in a business in where you can be killed for saying no, you can say no.

Third, when the Lopez is discussing with his colleague his view of Scarface, they call him a peasant but the upside is that a peasant will break his back for you. This is the work ethic of immigrants today. Often when you are not dependant on the state or believe that you are better than others, you will work hard. Many times now managers will say they would take 100 immigrant workers over 200 non-immigrant workers.

This shows you that immigration can be good for the country because most immigrants are not going to partake in illegal activities.

This will be continued next time…

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