Quote, Poll Results, and New Poll

“It is in war that the State really comes into its own: swelling in power, in number, in pride, in absolute dominion over the economy and the society.”

~Murray Rothbard

Poll Results

Should we boycott the Olympics that is being held in Communist China?

  1. No -60%
  2. Yes-40%
  3. No undecided’s

I know most of my readers are shy but you should discuss below why.

New Poll

Who’s fault is the housing bubble?

  • The Banks
  • The Government
  • The Consumers
  • None of the above

Go Vote!

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  1. No, we should not boycott the olympics.

    Our athletes have worked to hard to suddenly have the games boycotted by us. It would not be fair to them. We would send a stronger message if we either did well in the Olympics, and pursued other Diplomatic means.

    To show our disapproval of China, we can pursue other options, such as banishing China’s ambassador to us, or recalling ours. In my opinion, this would send a stronger message to them.

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