Taxes Don’t Help

In the midst of our recently hurting economy, many states and municipalities are considering additional taxes to continue funding inefficient and wasteful programs. The state of New Jersey is currently considering imposing a tax on fast food sales. The tax would help to fund struggling state-funded hospitals and related programs.

This move doesn’t surprise me much. Food is one of the most important resources in the economy. When individuals are doing poorly, they may cut other expenses to continue eating. The state of New Jersey knows this well, and will likely impose the tax if not enough resentment is raised.
I for one, am not a fan of taxes. I especially cringe when I hear about new taxes durring times of economic recession. Taxes don’t help the consumer to begin with. When they are created durring tough times to fund bad government programs, then that’s just horrible. This is obviously bad, because it is forcing someone to pay more for something they don’t want; and if the funding is bad, the consumer doesn’t even get anything for it.
While I often criticise fast-food as being particularly unhealthy, it is an important industry in this country. Fast food chains create countless easy jobs for Americans, while providing food at cheap prices and in convieneint time. To hurt this market and the general consumer at the same time would not help New Jersey through the current recession at all.
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