A Big Step Against Aids

University Of Melbourne researcher Stephen Kent has published his recent work on a means of fightind the incurrable AIDS virus. Kent has been developing new type of treatment that trains immune system cells to better recognize the AIDS virus. The Aulstralian researchers have been working with monkeys, hoping to establish a biological resistance for primates.

Kent has published a lengthy article in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Pathogens. In this text, the researcher discusses how primate blood cells were mixed with small protein strands from the AIDS virus. As is typical for living organism, the relatively small exposure did not kill all the cells before some learned to recognize the virus strands. The mixed cells were then reinfused with the test subjects, in order to gauge the effectiveness of the experiment. It turns out that the level of AIDS virus in the “vaccinated” patients was lower than typical infected individuals by a factor of 10.
This finding is very significant. We now have seen that although AIDS is not curable, we can develop biological means to fight it. While this “vaccine” technique certainly cannot cure or save an infected individual, it is possible that the time for infection to reach critical levels can be significantly delayed. Another words, if researchers can reproduce the same technique with human blood cells, people infected with AIDS may live longer.
On a final note, I cannot stress enough how deadly AIDS really is. It cannot be cured, and there can only be those who are smart enough not to get infected. While these findings are significant, AIDS will continue to be a danger to people forever.
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