Israel’s 60th

The Mediterranean nation of Israel is celebrating its 60th anniversary this weekend. The Jewish state was officially formed back in 1948 after defeating numerous Arabian forces for control of the region. To me, Israel is a very interesting nation, and they have been internationally significant for quite some time. Let’s look at some of the history this country has to boast.

Before 1948, there had been no recognized Jewish state in the Middle-East/Mediterranean for centuries. Many Jews had migrated to the modern day region during and after the fall of the Nazi regime and the second world war. While the Holy Land is signifies a place of religious significance for 3 different major religions, it has been a place of conflict for thousands of years. By the late forties, Jewish settlers were fighting to establish an official nation, surrounded by defensive Islamic residence.
The UN officially recognized Israel in 1948, and has played a role in supporting the nation and its relation to bordering countries ever since. The US has been supplying Israel with military and economic support for generations, hoping to maintain a strong alliance with the tiny nation.
Israel has had many wars in its short life-time, most of which occurred in the 1970’s. The nation’s military personel are often considered the very best in the world. This is due to the extensive training, high morale, high budget and length of careers Israel’s military exhibits. One of Israel’s finest components is its air force. The Israelis boast some of the word’s finest fighter pilots, one of them died in the Columbia disaster back in 2003 (Ilan Ramon).
While Isreal may have deep history of warfare, it is not a constant struggle that they seek. Every generation of this nation dreams of a day when Isreal is not preparing for a looming conflict with a nearby enemy. The engagements between Isreal and its neighbors is often controversial, and always complicated. I wonder if we will live to see the day the Holy Land is not a region of political conflict…
~Not Albert Spear
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