Wolves and Property Rights

As everyone knows animals like everything else live and die. Human have had a huge amount of growth in the past few hundred years. One of the negative externalities is that this has eliminated some species of some animals. I have often called for the privatization of most animals and allow them to be owned.

What about wolves? Some are owned but most are not. Those that weren’t almost went extinct. Ed Bangs who is the government’s chief wolf recovery coordinator is about to claim that the gray wolf in the west will be back at good levels of population. It has been illegal to shoot these wolfs and now the debate is on.

Should ranchers be allowed to shoot these wolves?

This is something for economists and capitalists to think alike. Obviously, I support the privatization of these animals and that if people want to own them then they should be allowed to do so. If this happens then there will be no problem with the populations.

My question is, what do we do with the animals no one wants?

Is there really an eco-system argument?


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  1. I think this is worth some serious thought. If people are allowed to hunt the wolves, we will most likely see a sharp decline in their populations very quickly. The question is whether or not this is ok. The North American wolves have recovered due to the intervention of the government. While it may not be apparent, wolves are an important part of the very damaged ecosystem of our area. So I say yes, these animals are worth saving, even if there is no obvious and direct demand by people (as long as the government keeps spending to keep the wolves alive, I doubt people will ever have a demand for them). Privatizing wolves is a good long-term solution, but will likely do nothing right now. Again, this is because there’s no one that actually wants pay for a ton of wolves to live on a huge piece of property than can make a profit by other means.

    And so, from a business standpoint, saving the wolves by the government is a waste of money. In the long run though, this will pay off for the environment. I say we allow both minor poaching of wolves and privatization of the species.

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