Capitalism makes Fascists productive…

ford-nazi-medal F.A. Hayek in his book “Road to Serfdom” lays out the idea of how the worst get on top. It is important to note that those who thirst for power, through specialization, are sometimes the best at using faulty institutions to take power. When they get in power, they can effect and hurt more people more effectively than they could in a better institutional state as in the United States.

I will be the first to say that FDR and Adolf Hitler both had many like policies when it came to the economy. It is obvious that, even though it hurt us a lot, FDR did not hurt the country as much as Hitler hurt his. This can be thanked to Capitalism and what institutions that have been derived from our Capitalistic structure.

The picture you see here is Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Benito Mussolini also received this award the first year Hitler created it. It has also been claimed that Hitler had a life size picture of Henry Ford in his office.

Is it true that Ford and Hitler were friends and that Ford was anti-Semitic? Yes. Is it true that Ford revolutionized the automobile industry and made the car more affordable for Americans? Yes.

What was the difference? Under Capitalism in order for you to gain power, you had to make something that consumers wanted. Under Fascism if you wanted power, you took it. This is comparable to free trade fostering peace. Ford couldn’t use his power to kill people like Hitler did, because he would be killing his buyers.

Capitalism fosters peace, while big government kills. Government has been the largest murderer in all of history. No individual on their own has a monopoly of violence, but governments do by definition.


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