What is an equal opportunity?

Often in the debate between those who are leftist, like Democrats/Socialist/Communist, the argue of “I want an equal opportunity for everyone.” People that are considered to be “old money” or ones who never have held a real job in their life get on this band wagon. Like for example Teddy Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt, and the Clintons. So what is an equal opportunity and that becomes a lot harder for those to nail down?

It is perceived that we all enter this world in the same way and we have no choice to what parents we are born to. If we did they would come to the conclusion that we all would pick Donald Trump and Oprah to be our parents. Is it really that bad that we cannot choose our parents? Say that it is. How do you go about making an equal opportunity for them?

This question can be debate thoroughly and with outrageous claims of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but what I am going to argue here is that being poor can actually give you opportunities others do not have. Not only that but also that opportunities are not always a function of your income.

Take for example me and my friend who is currently in the Marines. Before he went to the Marines, he tried to be the bookworm type and go to college. He often found himself wondering out of the class room and not doing very well. Is this due to his upper lower class or lower middle class family? No. This is due to his personality. When me and him would hang out, there was no bicker between my family who was better off and his. Instead I learned a lot from him as I am sure he did with me. There was one opportunity that I noticed he got that I didn’t.

He drove a crappy car. Most people see this as a bad thing, but someone with the mind of my friend makes lemonade out of lemons, as cliche as that sounds. He took the time to understand his car, take it apart and put it back together again. While I was afraid to open the hood of my car because my father would flip if I broke anything. Maybe my point isn’t getting across clear enough but the fact that his car wasn’t worth as much and it was more simple of a design, he was able to explore his mechanical mind.

Now my friend is a mechanic for the Marines and makes a lot more money that I do. Sure for FDR or the Clintons this may not be the idea area for him. They would probably prefer him to be a lawyer, doctor, or dentist but that would be torture for my friend. My grandfather was the same way. He never wanted a desk job so why should we assume that those who do not or those who do not have desk jobs want them?

When I think of an equal opportunity I think of me being allowed to take the resources I have at hand and making the best of them. People often forget about that but this is exactly what the “American Dream” is all about.


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