Movie Review: Recount

Was this movie suppose to be biased? or Did they on accident put Dennis Quaid and Kevin Spacey on the Democrats side?

The movie hardly deserves a review. I am not a George W. Bush lover nor do I think everything that went on during that recount period was good. That is where me and the movie agree.

To cast Republicans as elites who are trying to find ever loophole is a typical Democratic view. All you have to do here is look at the two offices in the movie, that the Democrats have versus the Republicans. The Democrats’ office was messy and looked like something out of the show the West Wing. Something a common man could feel good about, it looks like hard and productive work was going on. The Republicans’ office looked dark and rich, like it was all earned through loopholes and corporate greed.

The best part of the movie is when Gore calls Bush to un-concede. The convo goes something like this:

Bush: “What do you mean you are taking back your concession?!?!”

Gore: “Don’t get snappy with me.” (says calmly)

Bush: “But my little brother assured me I won Florida.”

Gore: “Your little brother isn’t the final authority on this.”

Bush: “Do what you have to do, Mr. Vice President”

Do what you have to do? I really hope they had witnesses on both sides of the phone on that one.

Save your time and here is the basics of the movie. The Democrats were trying to count every vote. The Republicans were trying to get Bush elected through loopholes. Al Gore finally conceded to better America and he is a hero for that.

That is it, the whole movie in a paragraph. If you already know this then you can watch it for fun. If you disagree, well it will be shoved down your throat until you are coughing Al Gore is our President.

Did I mention they throw Joe Lieberman to the dogs? Like that isn’t what they have done since 2000.


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