The Last Natives Pt.2

Last time I discussed a few reasons why seemingly primitive, hunter-gatherer societies were actually not so bad. There is a very big reason why biologists actually propose that these older adaptations are actually better for us.

It turns out, that the more evolved a species becomes, the shorter its overall lifespan. Evolution is a short-term benefit for a long-term sacrifice. Another words, evolution is actually a bad trade off. Over the past few thousand years, we humans have had to adapt from more primitive societies to the world we have today. This was not done for fun, but because certain groups in certain areas needed to become more complicated in order to survive.

So, the less complicated, better adapted undiscovered tribes of Brazil have the potential to out live modern society. This is a great benefit for them, even if it seems very long-term.

Many people don’t realize this, because they are confused by history. Let’s consider the western colonization of North America and the decline of the Native Americans. People tend to think that the western civilization was better, and therefore the natives were assimilated into modern society. This is not true. The natives were actually far better adapted to their environment. The reason why disease killed so many of them was because of the fact that only westerners had evolved an immunity to those problems (there’s more to the situation as well).

And so back to the original question, what is the best thing to do with the un-contacted Brazilians? The two best solutions are to leave them alone completely or allow contact to be made freely and immediately. As for which one, what do you think?


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