Myth: America is falling behind in technology and science

As most people continue to hear it is often said that us American are falling behind when it comes to technology and science. One of the first times I saw former Senator George Allen speak, he was worried about America falling behind. Since then many politicians have pushed for subsides and others incentives for engineers and scientists.

Well now you can rest assured that after a reason article from The Economist, we are more than likely not falling behind and this is part of a catch-up effect. Here is from the article:

“[America] accounts for 40% of the world spending on research and development, and produces 63% off the most frequently cited publications. It is home to 30 of the world’s leading 40 universities, and employs 70% of the world’s living Nobel laureates.”

So why do we hear so much stress from politicians and pundits about the technology race? This has to do with the fact that competition is inherent in the human race and we think we have to beat other countries. When it comes to places like China and India they started with hardly anything so of course they are growing much faster.

Plus who cares if other countries have smart people? Most of them flock to the United States because their aren’t many jobs for Civil Engineers in Uganda or India. Even more if they don’t come here, why do we want people in other countries to stay dumb and poor? These are the questions that are never asked on the news, but it is stemming from the idea that when people trade someone loses.


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  1. This comment is unrelated to the subject matter of this post, but I wanted to place it here so it would be easily seen.

    I read your April 18th 2008 post about the GMU Foundation for Economic Education event. I am preparing to attend the FEE seminar “Applying Liberty” and I am curious as to your thoughts, or conclusions, about cosmopolitanism as presented by FEE at the event you attended. This matter has been of particular interest to me in recent months, and I’m interested in knowing if there was an individual speaker on that subject, and their basic thesis was.

    Thanks in advance,


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