Book Review: Liberal Fascism

Over the Fourth of July break, that I am still at, I finished reading “Liberal Fascism” by Johan Goldberg. This was an interesting read after reading Amity Shales, “The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression.” As I suggested that Shales’ book is not quite in your face enough, Goldberg does this quite well. He may turn off some readers who have beliefs from the other side but overall he gets his points across in a pushy but not too insulting stile. Of course my favorite part was about Fascism and Economics. He devoted a whole chapter to how fascism and corporations are connected. Obviously, the point of the book is to say that fascism is something that is always blamed to be right wing but is not. Some people may not be sold until they get to the chapter on Economics.

This book adds well to the debate of what is left and what is right. How most people my age and some much older and younger can sometimes believe that Republicans and right-wingers are the racists and the people that are only trying to hurt America. That if you want progress, you vote Democratic. If you are old and set in your ways (out-dated) you vote Republican. It is a shame that this book came out when we have a President who isn’t the true conservative that Goldberg describes. Instead the reader may have a hard time comparing our idealized conservative and whom the media calls a conservative. This by the way is not the media’s fault it is definitely our President’s and many other Republicans who give right-wingers a bad name.

The only problems I found with the book are, why dedicated a whole chapter to Hillary Clinton? If she were president I would understand. Now she is just a washed up first lady/senator who tried to run for President. This chapter was good at showing how Hillary’s rhetoric is very much like Hitler and other fascist types but that could have been shown throughout the book. I believe that this book may in fact be lost in history because of this chapter. Who would want to read this book in 20 years if Hillary never progresses past Senator? The only other part of the book I didn’t like was the grouping of Anarchists with leftists. Anarchy by definition is people who do not want government. That is what is truly extremely right wing. How can you group complete government control and no government control together? What I believe Goldberg means is Communists. This is because Communists believe that the process after Socialism, which is complete government control of the economy. That Communism would take place when people lived communally and the state dissolved away. This is of course what is in theory. Most people do not see it this way because of the way Communism and Socialism has been portrayed in real life. The government never faded away so people considered Socialism like 70% government control and Communism 100%. That is for another post.

Overall, I was very impressed and hope that this book is passed on people who want to really know about the history of our great nation because Goldberg never says this but I believe it 100%. We are at a point in time where government is growing and growing. We haven’t learned from our mistakes because we do not completely understand them. Goldberg does an excellent job of setting history straight so that Conservatives, Libertarians, and those ideas from our founding fathers can be brought forth again.

Rating: 9/10


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