Actor Michael Caine for Limited Government

Here is something I found interesting in GQ Magazine. In an interview with famous actor Michael Caine (you can see him as the butler in the new Batman movies) they discussed his move after high taxes in the 1980’s here is the dialogue:

GQ: But you were in L.A. for most of the 80’s.

MC: Eight years. It was a time of massive taxes here.

GQDo I recall rightly? Sean Connery was in the same situation. the taxation rate was 90 percent?

MC: 82

GQ: Oh, only 82.

MC: In certain circumstances, it could be 90. So I got out. I’m never giving any government more money than I take home. It’s now 40 here, so I live with that.

GQ: Why would anyone do anything if they had to give up 90 percent of what they make?

MC: Hey, we’ve got a whole culture here of benefit. We’ve got 3 million people on benefit here. It’s not worth going to work. I mean, don’t get me started on this shit. No, no. no.

GQ: Sorry.

MC. The anomalies are incredible. Two and a half million British people sitting on their arses, on benefits, and bringing foreign workers in to do job they won’t do. How does that work out?

GQ: So… you’re that rarest of rare breeds- an actor who’s not a red-toothed lefty?

MC: Yeah. I fell into the socialism thing a long time ago.

GQ: But you left it behind. You like Thatcher!

MC: I did like Maggie Thatcher. I liked Tony Blair.

Well it’s good to see that Actor Michael Caine reformed from socialist to capitalist!


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