Marxist of the Week: Nancy Pelosi to save Starbucks

This from Scrappleface:

“Democrats in Congress today plan to introduce a bill to halt the recently-announced closing of some 600 Starbucks coffee stores, noting that the displacement of 12,000 Starbucks baristas would overwhelm government aid offices not prepared to handle so many clients for whom English is a second language.

“These people can’t just walk out of Starbucks and get a job at a grocery store or a factory,” said House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA. “They would need ESL classes and cultural training to learn how to relate to ordinary Americans and function in society.”

Rep. Pelosi’s bill would subsidize the 600 money-losing Starbucks locations by giving away millions of taxpayer dollars in so-called ‘Venti Vouchers’ to residents of these hard-hit neighborhoods. If the effort fails to revive the flagging stores, Rep. Pelosi said Democrats would “seriously consider nationalizing the coffee industry to ensure the free flow of java at fair prices.”

We have officially moved to a welfare state. Congress is ready to bail out whoever they can. We might as well as move to Socialism. Everyone who loses their job this year should sent a letter to Rep. Pelosi to try and save their job.

HT: To Greg Mankiw here.

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  1. This was a joke, but it sure makes you think. Could of this really happened? How much did you believe it?

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  3. “And two olive-trees by it, one on the right side of the cup and one on the left.” (Zechariah, 4, 3)!!

  4. “seriously consider nationalizing the coffee industry to ensure the free flow of java at fair prices.”

    When I finished reading the above sentence, I realized that it was a joke.

    Good job!

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