New Blog: NetRight Nation

A new blog has hit the sphere. It is called NetRight Nation. This is a project for Americans for Limited Government, which is a great organization that does many things. They are a libertarian/conservative leaning group that investigates corrupt officials and works on other issues. I have heard right to work, eminent domain, and school choice comes out of their office. Here is what NetRight Nation says about their blog, some of it is still a mystery:

“This is the very beginning of an extensive blog project launched by Americans for Limited Government. This is our temporary site where we will gather ideas as well as promote relative news and blogs until the launch of the official NetRight Nation site.”

Hopefully, this will keep us informed with ways we can keep limited government. There latest post is about how Nancy Pelosi  and Harry Reid have taken a vacation because they know offshore drilling would pass. Enjoy!


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  1. That’s an efficient post!!

  2. hmm.. interesting

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