Zero Risk and All the Fun

I had mentioned before that I was watching the show Wall Street Warriors on iTunes. Well now you too can be a hedge-fund manager with The account is free and I have already started. I couldn’t be at my computer for most of the day and was down a little over $500 dollars. You can even earn money while doing it. If you write a good report on a certain stock, they pick it and you win money.

You can buy or sell obviously but you can also short a stock. This means that you are betting that it goes down. It is risky but allows you to make money when the market is down. I only made money on Bank of America stock which I sold off and a penny stock that hasn’t made me enough money to sell. You can take any strategy you want. You can buy and sell all day long with large amounts to make quicker money or you can do a long term portfolio and check on it later.

It’s kind of like legalized gambling, so enjoy.


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