Soda vs. Pop

Blue = Pop – Red = Coke – Yellow = Soda – Green = Other

It is funny how there is such a large distance between populations in the United States that we get different words and accents. You can easily tell when someone is from the north east or the south. One thing that people always debate is soda or pop. I would imagine with more television and the world getting smaller we will see this less. I still thought it was interesting. Of course, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with economics but I do wonder if there is an economical reason why people use pop or soda.

Some people even use Coke to refer to any dark soda. The Coke company has actually hired people to go around and ask for Coke in Pepsi establishments. They then sue the restaurant for not correcting the customer. This is because if their name brand turns into a regular word anyone can sell “Coke.” Escalators had this problem. There was a company called “Escalator” who went out of business because their name became a common word. Other companies entered the market and made “Escalators.” That has a lot interesting economics. The economics of brand naming.

If the picture is too small, you can click it and it will get bigger.


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