Homeless: Out of Sight, In-mind?


This from The National Review:

“During the upcoming Democratic convention, homeless residents of Denver will be given bus tokens as well as tickets to movies, the zoo, and museums – all located at conveniently great distance away from the convention center.”

Which looks a lot like this:

“(Because of the Olympics) Like thousands of others who packed Beijing’s main train station on Thursday, Li was prompted to leave town by a lack of work and an unwritten government policy encouraging migrant workers to clear out until the dignitaries and journalists have gone home.”

It seems like the popular thing to do is to sweep the homeless under the rug because we wouldn’t want them to ask the Democrats or foreigners visiting China for help. It seems that the leftist apple doesn’t fall far from the leftist tree.

Of course, I am not calling Democrats Communists. It is merely an observation that it seems that Democrats and Communists are using the same type of tactics.

The rest of the China article can be found here and the Denver one here.



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