Marxist of the Week:Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)

First, let me put this up from the Communist Party of the USA. This is part of their platform:

“Capitalism uses technological improvements to further exploit the working class; socialism uses technological improvements and increases in productivity to fund social programs, to shorten the workweek, and to provide free health and education. Socialism is not a utopian system, but bases social programs on the achievements of social production.”

Now this from the Washington Post:

“House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) is pushing a work week of four, 10-hour days for federal employees.

In a letter, released this week, to the Office of Personnel Management, he asked the agency to “undertake comprehensive analysis of the transitioning to a 4-day work week for all possible federal employees and inform me by August 31, of any additional actions Congress would need to take to implement such a policy by the end of fiscal year 2008.”

These two do not seem like a far cry from each other. Rep. Hoyer uses fuel prices as his reasoning and is using that to push the Communist agenda of shorter work weeks and shorter hours. Of course everyone enjoys less time at work and I am sure government employees do not mind this. The thing is the government with its’ departments is here to serve us. Every “Department of…” is suppose to help us. If we only get four days to get in contact with them, nothing will get done. Nothing might be okay but we will probably pay them the same.

You want to cut fuel prices because you believe the federal employees consume to much. Stop hiring so many!

The rest of the WaPO article is here and the Communist Party of USA is here.



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