Ways men will die in 2008 and optimal organ failure….

This chart illustrates how men will die in 2008. Will you be one of them? You are probably wondering what does this have to do with Economics. This has to do with the Economics of Death and how you should strive for optimal organ failure. This was put in my brain by Dr. Peter Leeson and now it is coming to you.

First, if you are committing risky behaviors then you should pick up other risky behaviors, assuming you enjoy them. For example, if you smoke and drink lots of alcohol but try to eat as healthy as possible, you might as well eat cheese fries full of fat everyday. This is because when you die with your burnt lungs and destroyed liver, it will not matter if your stomach and colon are cancer free along with a healthy heart.

The incentive for someone like above to become healthy is near zero. Of course this does mean if you eat healthy, do not drink, and just smoke there may be an incentive to stop smoking. But what is optimal organ failure? Say you are the first case and you decide to eat badly also. The optimal outcome is for your heart to fail, followed by your lungs, stomach, liver, colon, etc. 1 second after. There is no incentive for you to have rosy pink lungs, if you die at age 45 with a heart attack.

Unless of course they, legalize the selling of organs. Which in case would allow you to leave money to your family to help pay debt and funeral services, while saving a life. Instead, of course, we have people dying everyday with perfectly good organs. That is for a different post.


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