Why you shouldn’t listen to the government:

I was just watching the news and it is being reported that no tomatoes were infected with salmonella. That only Jalapeno peppers were. This from Reuters:

” An outbreak of an unusual strain of Salmonella that put 286 people into the hospital appears to be over in the United States, federal health officials said on Thursday.

They said jalapeno and serrano peppers from Mexico were the main source and said the outbreak shows there is more need for monitoring fresh fruits and vegetables.”

The rest can be found here.

This from the Patent Report:

“Tomatoes are again safe to eat, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday, weeks after the food was blamed as a source of a salmonella outbreak in the United States and Canada.The federal agency lifted its warning about tomatoes but left in place a warning about raw jalapeño and serrano peppers, having previously said those foods also may be linked to the outbreak.”

There you have it, do not let the government tell you what to eat! There were a bunch of people eating peppers thinking they were okay and not eating tomatoes which were safe. We should have more faith in the free market. Surely there will be errors and some people will get sick but we should allow businesses to have their own private food inspections.


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