Obama’s Education Reform, More Conservative than McCain?

Today Barack Obama unveiled his education plan. What is interesting is that he is taking pages right out of the Republican party platform. Obama is supporting more funding for Charter schools. This isn’t exactly vouchers but it works like a private institution with government funding. This from The USA Today:

“The federal government spends about $200 million a year on charter schools, independently run institutions that receive public money. Obama’s proposal would take that up to over $400 million.”

This is what John McCain’s plan has been so far:

“Despite McCain’s rhetoric, he is not proposing a federal voucher plan. Instead, he is proposing only to expand the voucher program in Washington, D.C.”

Even though I hate to give him credit, this part of Obama’s plan I really like:

“While teachers unions typically oppose the idea of performance-based merit pay, Obama is embracing the idea along with demands that teachers who don’t meet standards are removed from the classroom. Obama’s campaign said teacher performance could be judged by peer review, student test results, classroom evaluations or other processes.”

There you have it Obama is trying to be more conservative than McCain. On education at least…

The rest is here.


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