David Friedman on getting blamed…

This I found to be utterly hilariously and true from David Friedman. When people ask me why I am so angered with the Republican Party, which is suppose to be the party of small government. Yes, even with these massive bailouts. Here it is:

“Someone had asked another Usenet poster:

“How do you feel about the line, “I want you to vote for me, because I support smaller government”?

I replied:
1. It gives me very little information about what he will do if elected.

2. But it does mean that, since he is pretending to be one of us, we will get blamed for what he does, even if it has nothing to do with the views we support.

That’s why, on the whole, I thought it would be better if Bush had lost the most recent election–not that his opponent would have been any better but that at least we wouldn’t have gotten blamed for what he did.”

This is perfect. This is the exact thing you see when someone blames Capitalism for the current crisis. Also when these bailouts fail the country miserably small government Republicans are going to be blamed for that too. This is the biggest small government bailout in history.

David Friedman’s post is here.


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