Congress, if your going to make us all socialists at least read the bill…

This from the Sunlight Foundation:

“Today, the Sunlight Foundation is calling on Congress to
exercise restraint and increase legislative transparency by
posting the next version of the financial bailout legislation
online for at least 72 hours before bringing the bill to a vote.

We believe all legislation should posted online for at 72 hours
before a vote to give lawmakers and citizens sufficient time to
review and debate it, and this bill is no exception.

That’s why we just created a petition  — — that urges Congress to wait at
least until 72 hours after the publication of the next version
of this bill, before moving to a vote.

The failure of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
on Monday, September 29, 2008, is a case in point. The bill was
posted online late Sunday afternoon, and voted on less than 24
hours later.

This isn’t a bill to rename a few courthouses; this bill is
Congress’s biggest intervention in the economy in decades. This
important legislation deserved more time for public scrutiny.

Please join us in our call for legislative transparency by
signing the petition at”

I think this is important whether you agree with the bailout or not Congressmen should read the bill. Let’s all remember this:

“On March 5, 1933, the day after Roosevelt’s inauguration, he called a special session of Congress which instituted a mandatory four-day bank holiday. This act provided for the reopening of banks after federal inspectors had declared them to be financially secure.

The bill also gave the Secretary of the Treasury the authority to confiscate the gold of private citizens, in exchange for an equivalent amount of paper currency which was subject to later devaluation with relation to gold.

Despite the importance of the bill, it was passed in immense haste by Congress. Few, if any, Congressmen had the chance to read the bill; most were only able to hear the clerk read it. Quite a few Congressmen vocally protested the haste in which the bill was considered, but nevertheless it was passed sight unseen.”

So join us in the fight to tell the Congressmen to read the bill. Even though I am pretty sure we could give them more time to read the thing and they won’t. There is no incentive for them too. Maybe I should write my own petition to get Rep. Ron Paul and Sen. Tom Coburn to put in bills direct insults to certain members. For example, Barney Frank loves killing puppies. That way his opponent in the next election can say Barney Frank loves killing puppies he voted for it.



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