Is Something Wrong With Our Government?

The details of the ongoing credit-crisis and federal bailout proposal have been all over the news lately, and I’ve been doing a little thinking on this subject. The recent actions of our government, and I mean the  support for the bailout plan, has done something I didn’t think could happen…

I now have even less faith in our political system than I did before.

I am not a regular fan of CNN’s Glenn Beck (and I honestly don’t have a clue what his political/econominc position is), but a recent article of Beck’s seems to describe the situation beautifully. The title of the article is ” America’s Chilling Future”, and I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Beck describes an ultra-socialist state, where 2008 is considered the last of the “free, capitalistic, people have rights” times. Not exactly groundbreaking, but Beck then goes on to propose that the problem with our economy is not the government itself, but those who empower it…, me and everyone.

The CNN author claims that the lack of attention of American voters and citizens in general has led to an extremely weak hold on the actions of our leaders. Beck goes on to say that the Presidential election is worthless, as either choice leads to the same conclusion (just different speeds). The gradual socialization of America is said to be unstoppable if action is not taken up by the majority.

I am sad to say that I agree with this loose analysis far to well. I feel that both political parties are generally moving in the same direction; an ever-more restricted economy run by an ineffective and unintelligent government. What we need is less regulation, not more. But what mechanism exists to motivate American voters to change this? Perhaps a social-minded economist can find others, but I believe that only a near-dead economy will motivate the general public to see the superiority of capitalism.

The point of my post today, is a question I pose to you. How can we truly avoid an increase in the socialization of our economy? Simply voting Republican as much as you can won’t do it ( not anytime soon anyway). The Libertarians seem to be economically-well minded, but do they really stand a chance in a Congressional/Senate race? I would love to see the political landscape change drastically, but that seems so horribly unlikely.

If you have a solution, please share….



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