Tom Delay on John McCain: “We’ve got just as much work to do as if Obama won”

In an interview with Tom Delay said this about John McCain:

“If McCain wins the election, we’ve got just as much work to do as if Obama won,” DeLay, the former House majority leader from Texas, told “I’ve known McCain for 23 years, and McCain’s hard to swallow.”

“His stance on global warming, immigration, campaign finance, affirmative action,” DeLay said, “it’s just a whole list of things that is not going to appeal to conservative Republicans. And if he becomes president, teaming up with the Democrats, we’re going to have a lot of work to do to stop them.”

Of course, he goes on to say what a brillant move it was to pick Sarah Palin as his Veep candidate. This is something I have been arguing for a while. McCain and Obama are not that much different and they do agree on a lot of things.

As I agree with the Republican party prinicples, I am going to vote on them. If the Republican party wants the people who believe in their platform to vote for their candidate, they are going to have to find a better way of choosing their candidate. I live in the state of Virginia and I pretty much had no say in the pick. Sure, my one vote wouldn’t have changed it but it sure would have been nice. By the time it came around to Virginia, your choice was to vote or McCain or Huckabee and you knew McCain was going to win.

Here is the rest of the interview and the HT: goes to Politico’s blog.


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