Is this really ACORN’s fault?

If you have turned on the news, you would notice that the organization ACORN is accused and under investigation for voter fraud in many states. This from the site my friend put together way back when ACORN was just a crazy liberal group that got major funding through the government and used it to further their agenda. Here is the story:

“Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today called upon the U.S. Attorney General to immediately open an investigation of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), alleging a nationwide effort to steal the 2008 election.

ACORN is already under investigation for voter fraud in closely contested states, including Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Missouri, and has a long history of such fraud in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Mexico. Americans for Limited government has released the following executive summary of its activities.”

First, let me get this out there. I do think ACORN should be investigated as I signed the petition myself. However, the system is suppose to prevent this from happening. It shouldn’t matter whether ACORN or my best friend registers 100 times, the election board should only give me one vote.

They must not be doing a very good job. I feel Americans for Limited Government is doing an excellent job at investigating this, but I think the election officials and boards in all these states should be under the same investigation.

Sometimes, it is both the briber’s and the person giving the bribes fault but sometimes you have to stop the supply to stop the demand. In other words, ACORN uses the system to it’s advantage. If the registrars stop registering people 100 times then ACORN will stop registering people 100 times.

To stop ACORN the website is here and the petition is here.



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