The Forgotten Issue of Immigration with a Socialism Spin

All of 2006 and the beginning of this years election the major buzzword was “immigration.” Everyone wanted to know, as a politician, what you were going to do about it and whether you were for fence or no fence. Now amidst the current financial crisis, the war, and health care no one seems to speak of it at all. I mean, even Tom Tancredo from Colorado ran his whole Presidential Campaign on immigration.

I personally, admit at a young age, I was against immigration and that illegal was something different then what my relatives did 100 years ago. What makes something illegal is the government calling it so. Do I want to give them citizenship in front of the people that are waiting in line and becoming Americans? No.

After having a heated discussion from people from all spectrum about how scared everyone is that “nationalization” and “socialism” is creeping up in our economy, I decided to go get some Chinese food. I was feeling down on America and where we were headed. Everyone jokes that the founders would be rolling in their graves, but I believe that they are halfway to China by now. While I was waiting for my Chinese food, which I might add is brought to you by immigrants, a family of people of spanish origins come up. The young boy is pointing at the fish in the aquarium and in english asks “What is that?” repeatedly. The father says in spanish “That is a fish. How do you say it in english?” The boy then says “Fish.”

That was when I was proud to be an American. These people left their homes at some point to decide that America was a better place for them. We are the most developed and strongest growing country. A place where people come for freedom and a place to start a new life.

My relatives arrived speaking German and escaping Hitler. Not when he was being his kill everyone mode but when he was actually “rebuilding” Germany. What he was actually doing was New Deal like programs of socialism. South America has become one of the most socialist areas in the world so I can understand when spanish speaking people arrive in hoards.

And we want to discourage this? We want to keep people from trying to better themselves. That to me is ultimate socialism. As workers we are afraid of competition, as citizens we are afraid of their language, but if we bring them out of the darkness that comes with being tagged “illegal” they will too want to be American and want to live the American Dream.

And I hate the saying “I am for legal immigration, just not illegal.” If the government banned all immigrants that would be illegal so don’t use that phrase. I have used it and it was one of the most ignorant statements I have ever made in my life.

It truly takes a nation full of immigrants to forget their roots and try to ban immigrants.

So when you look around at our economy and how it is becoming socialists. Remember, it truly takes a nation build on capitalism (that defeated communism) to forget their roots and try to socialize everything.


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