Stevens the Corrupt

I can’t think of a better way to break from the market-bailout news than a story on the recent scandal concerning Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens.

Back in 2000, Stevens was paying for the construction of a new house. Apparently, $250,000 of of the building’s cost was furnished by Veco Corp. The corporation is Alaska’s largest employer, focusing on the oil industry. Bill Allen, the founder and then owner of Veco, is testifying as “not guilty” to charges of corrupting Senator Stevens.

Allen sold Veco a while back, during times when he actually pleaded guilty to bribing other state lawmakers in other cases. Wow.

Stevens is accused of hiding dozens of invoices and documents alluding to the gifts and donations provided by Veco. For those who don’t know, lawmakers are typically required to report any amount of personal “gifts” to their respective constituents. Obviously Stevens failed to do that, and is being prosecuted for knowingly hide the money.

I suppose it is simply the nature of our species to corrupt ourselves whenever presented with a representative form of government. It’s impossible for me to imagine a government where representatives are impervious to greed and self gain. This is one area where I don’t disagree with bureaucracy. The more people we have watching our leaders, the less determined they will be to make corrupt decisions.


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