McCain on Economy and Foreign Policy

John McCain is back touting his policies again, this time comparing  them directly to his competitor, Barrack Obama. The Arizona Senator began by criticizing Obama’s foreign policy and lack of experience in that area. McCain claimed that America’s enemies might be willing to test Obama’s reaction and resolve in a Presidential situation.

After speaking on foreign policy and defense, the Republican then moved to our favorite topic; the government’s role in regulating the economy. McCain defended his decision to support the recent $700 billion buyout. He received allot of criticism for the support while he also promises to cut government spending and not raise taxes. As well mentioned in previous posts, these actions are very contradictory. McCain claims to be a capitalist, makes socialist decisions while promising less government intervention. Can we trust such a sketchy individual with the role of President? Perhaps he is simply a politician reacting and adapting to the gradually changing understanding and ideology of the American voting class. But then again, aren’t they all.

It only gets better. McCain has been continuously questioned with regard to the credit crisis, and what he would do as President (and what he would have done so far). I think this is a stupid question, because the President does not have a direct influence on the credit market’s welfare. The Senator’s answer was worse than I expected. McCain replied by saying the whole market slump would not have occurred had he been President at the time. What? How could McCain have legitimately, positively impacted the business in the credit markets? Had the regulation of the markets been less you can argue a better scenario, but McCain as President certainly would not have made a difference here.

Considering the floppy-poorly defined economic policies of McCain’s recent assertion, I am weary of voting for someone who claims to have more influence than they possibly can. Every politician claims to do more than they can or will, but this is going a little far. I say this because in order to have more of a hand in the credit markets, the government will have to increase regulation of the industry. This is scary to me because both candidates seem to be heading down that path….


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