Some Good News for Small Government Activists: Massachusetts

Just when you though small government reforms were dead in America. On election day, Massachusetts voters will be voting to eliminate the income tax in their state. This is not uncommon of states but very uncommon of Massachusetts, which has born and breed some of the nations “finest” big government politicians. This from USA Today:

The initiative would cut the state income tax in half as of Jan. 1 and eliminate it completely a year later, allowing an average taxpayer to pocket an additional $3,700 a year, supporters say.

Massachusetts would join nine other states that have no income tax — Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, says the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan group that monitors fiscal policy.”

This is great for small government citizens in America and Massachusetts. Here are some other tax related ballot options to watch on election night:

• North Dakota has a ballot measure that would cut most state income tax rates in half and reduce corporate income tax rates by 15%.

• Maine will ask residents if they want to reject recent legislation that requires insurers to pay a surcharge on some claims, raises taxes for large producers of malt liquor and wine and puts new taxes on soda.

• Oregon, which now allows up to $5,600 in federal income taxes to be deducted on state tax returns, has a measure to remove the cap.

• Arizona has an initiative that would prohibit new taxes on the sale or transfer of property.

Even though our federal government is acting up and will probably be proposing new taxes or more inflation. At least the state are giving us some relief. Libertarians and Conservatives can be proud that we are winning on the state level, pending all of these pass. Of course, if you are in one of these states be sure to vote the small government way.

It is just surprising that we have to look at the home of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to see what small government reforms look like.

The rest of this article is here.

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