Election Day is Finally Here!

We have our first African American candidate and our first female Vice-President running against each other. This will be a historical election none-the-less. I just wish it was on better terms. It seems that we have two candidates that some people think are radically different and others think are the same.

John McCain is your classic career Senator and former war hero. This will be his last chance at an election to the Presidency. He is a moderate and seems to be out there on some issues. We can all remember his words about the oil industry and how they raised prices because of greed. Well since the price per barrell has gone down where is McCain now? I don’t see him saying they got more generous. He was my last pick from a party in which should have been the free-marketeers. He lost the election when he didn’t vote against the bailout.

Barack Obama is your classic inexperience new guy that wants to get elected. Many times primaries shoot these guys down. This is not going to happen with the charisma and likeablity that he has. He will sail to victory but the big unknown is what is he going to do? Is he going to be like Bill Clinton and stand in the middle and pass bills from both sides or is he going to treat this as a New Deal mandate and bring massive socialism to America?

Either way I am not going to be happy with today’s decision. If you decide to vote for the lesser of two evil, good for you. You will be able to ride around town with the “Don’t Blame Me I Voted for the Maverick” stickers for the next four years. If you vote third party then I say go for it. There may be a chance that if we (fiscal conservatives/libertarians) vote for Bob Barr then we could show the Republican Party that they must be more fiscally conservative. That they will need us along with the other wings to win.

If you decide to not vote then I do not blame you. The costs exceed the benefit big time. The chance of your vote changing the election is lower than the chance you will die in a car accident driving there. Until then this blog will continue, because it is needed more now than ever. This blog is going to spend the next four years watching every move of the winner.

I invite you to join the debate.

From all of us,




~Barry AUH2O

(If you would like to join this blog please email me at this blog name(at)gmail.com to discuss)

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  1. Homeland Security is hoping for McCain to win. I have proof of that .
    If you are in the coal mining bizz then vote McCain because Obama has you in his sights to shut you down. PA needs to remember what happened when the steel plant shut down. How many ghost town will Obamas make. If it wasnt for company’s like Phoenix Glass that part of PA would have gone out . You dont kill jobs ,You dont raise taxes and spend more on a weak dollar. YOU CUT TAXES YOU SPEND LESS AND YOU KEEP AMERICANS WORKING.

    When he shuts them down not just the states the mines are in will suffer great economic collapse but the state surrounding them. WAKE UP Ohio, Pennsylvania. Wake UP Virgina . WAKE UP AMERICA. The on change he is selling is control .

  2. I’m Italian, but is not important…
    In my country the past 15 September to Milan, was killed to bolted Abdul Salam Guibre, a 19-year-old boy from Burkina Faso that had stolen a package of cookies.
    If I support Barack Obama from so distant, is because I believe in the world unity.
    Another Italian of name Cristoforo Colombo, a lot of centuries ago does crossed the Pillars of Hercules; challenged the unknown, arrived in an unblemished part of world and stranger until then…
    There in he was welcomed from persons with a culture and a story from that learn. What Colombo led to the return from its journey was evolution, change; “two tight hands and united that did from bridge on the Atlantic ocean”. The residents of those lands arrived in Europe, but alas…
    They weren’t welcomed with the same diplomacy reserved Colombo. Our part of world that it is considered civilized to the of above of everything and of everything, looked for “to mold them” to its image and similarity, or at the worst; marginalizing them by means of the different color of the skin and to give back the slaves. The same Colombo defended and supported those persons, and ended in chains.
    Then I wonder…
    And if Cristoforo Colombo hadn’t undertaken that travel on 3rd August 1492?
    But the story it is not done with the “if” and the past changes not. To the opposite one the future we could know it alone making; all together with much tight hands and united.
    To who hung to a world without races, to a multicultural society, to an evolution concepted in right manner; it chooses Barack Obama…
    Young and charismatic embodiment of that American dream had from Martin Luther King on 28th August 1963 in Lincoln Memorial to Washington D. C., under a sky without clouds.

    John J. Mahyo

    To be continued on…

    Read and hand!

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