Communist Countries teaching the U.S. about Capitalism

You know it is bad when a couple of days after we elect a new President the first people in line to give us advice is the two major Communist countries in the world. First you have China urging the United States to support free trade. This from

“China said Thursday it hoped the United States would adhere to free trade under Barack Obama, while defending exchange rate policies criticised by the president-elect during his campaign.”We will continue to follow a mutually beneficial foreign policy, we believe in free trade, and we believe America also believes in free trade,” foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said.

“We hope that the policy of free trade will continue to be adhered to. We must prevent trade protectionism, which is no good for either side,” he said, when asked if he thought Obama would be more protectionist.”

Then Cuba asks for the trade embargo to go away. This from ABC News:

“Cuba hails US President-elect Barack Obama’s presidential election victory and would one day welcome an easing of the 46-year-old US trade embargo, Foreign Investment Minister Marta Lomas said in a statement.”

So have we gotten to the point that we forgot how we beat the Soviet Union. That it was more than just one country beating another who both had nukes, without ever firing one? It was a fight against Capitalism vs. Communism. We used trade and free markets to show the Communists this is how things work better than what they had.

Now it seems we are going into the dark leftist cave, while the countries that were there are coming out and seeing the light. I do not know what the solution is. I just hope that Barack Obama one day realizes that trade protectionism is not the way to go. In fact, with out current financial crisis it will make things worse.



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  1. I guess it is time for that Homer Simpson-style “DOH!”, right about now…. I like your writings, and although I am not an anarcho-capitalist (rather a minimal-government capitalist) I see we have quite a few opinions in common.

    BTW, is the “Smoking is healthier than fascism”-logo copyrighted, or am I free to borrow it?

    //hpx83 Save capitalism

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