The Cost of Citizenship

picture-1Bureaucracy consists of paperwork and fees. These slow down the processes for businesses and raise the costs. If you try to open a restaurant in your local area, you will be bogged down with health inspections, alcohol permits, and other licenses depending upon your states and type of business. This will put people out of business who are on the margin.

This holds true for citizenship forms. The USA Today is reporting that the fee for the form to become a citizenship has gone up and a lot less people are applying now:

“Citizenship applications plummeted after the fee rose from $400 to $675 on July 30, 2007, says an analysis by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, an immigrant advocacy group.

In the first six months of this year, an average of 46,866 immigrants applied for citizenship each month — a 59% decrease from last year, when an average of 114,469 people applied monthly during the same period.”

The marginal immigrant will choose not to apply for citizenship because the cost is becoming too high. What are the benefits? You can live here and do what citizens do and you can vote. Big deal. I am sure there is other things they can do to get around this and stay in the country and work.

There is also an effect on immigrants because usually they are relatively poor. If they were rich they probably would not have taken the cost in moving from a place in which they did make money. So I do not know the right amount for the cost of citizenship but I do believe that you should be able to work and live in this country without anyone impeding upon that.

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