Has Technology made Government more or less powerful?

If there is anything that has been constant in the last few hundred years, it is technology. These technologies have challenged us as a society. You have seen with the current MySpace comments that supposedly caused a girl to kill herself and the kid who just killed himself on live camera. But in the Macro level, has technology given us more freedom or more statism?

First, governments who are communists and censor their citizens are having a hard time doing so now with the internet’s presence. They are able to access information that they never could have 50 years ago. The more free ideas that they are exposed to, the more change they will demand.

Second, governments can use more technology to track people. They can gain access to your phone, internet, text messages, and other things with or without a warrant. They use cameras in public, like in Britain, to watch your every move. You are told, by the government, that these are ways to protect you. Some argue that if you weren’t doing anything wrong, then it wouldn’t matter.

This brings a new challenge to property rights and privacy. What policies can we implement to keep the government in check? Is the Constitution a good tool for this?

I believe that technology will always allow freedom to lead first. You cannot chase innovators with bureaucracy.


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  1. Nice post, this is something I have pondered myself. I think someone could make an argument that technology has pros and cons in every aspect. For example, though advanced technology brings us advances in medicine and makes our lives easier, it also gives us weapons of mass destruction and ecological disasters.

    I would like to see more on this topic.

  2. Ich schaute auf die Uhr. Es war schon fast 0.00 Uhr und meine Schicht verlief bis jetzt mehr als nur ruhig. Das hatte man mir bei der Übergabe aber auch schon gesagt… Die letzten Nächte mussten wohl alle so ruhig gewesen sein, es gab fast nichts zu tun. Dass du nicht einschläfst, wenn es wieder so ruhig ist, hatten sie mir gesagt. Na ja, von Einschlafen konnte jetzt jedenfalls keine Rede sein! Ich war hellwach und gespannt, warum Herr Peters geschellt hatte.

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