Zoombak Personal GPS

The right to privacy has always been an issue and the use of technology can sometimes encroach upon that. This next product plays into my first law which, I need to work on the wording, but basically that people have the need to control everything. Now they can control their kids and anything else they want to track.

“A safety zone is a personalized virtual boundary around a location that you’ve chosen. When your car enters or leaves an active safety zone, you can be alerted via email and/or text message (your choice.) You can create up to 10 safety zones, all of which can be active simultaneously at any given time. Safety zones can be quickly and easily turned on and off via Zoombak.com.

Zoombak’s location history allows you to see where your car has traveled for the past hour, day or week. Your location history will be available for your review on Zoombak.com for up to 7 days.”

Of course this could be used for perverse incentives like the paparazzi using it on celebrities vehicles and things. This is my favorite:

“Mike C. — Schenectady, NY USA

“I personally love this product. I did a lot of research and found this to be the best device out there. I use it all the time. It’s great for teenagers who are traveling or to update myself on my spouse who works all over the state. I highly recommend this product.”

AKA make sure my wife isn’t cheating. Do we see this as a problem? They are so small and compact anyone could put this on anyone and stalk them. Or is this a positive invention? I mean, I personally think that this is really good for your dog if it were to get lost.

The website is here.


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