Why are you a small government Conservative?

Why all this?

Why all this?

Many people claim to be Republicans and champions of limited government but in fact they embrace large government tendencies. The idea that you could control someone’s bedroom is in the same line of thinking that you can control someone’s wallet. This line of reasoning does not make sense. So the question is, if you call yourself a small government Conservative, then why are you? Even more, if you are a SGC do you also call yourself Republican?

Bill Kristol who usually spouts off Neo-Conservative ideas that are horrible makes an important point in his  latest article. He believes that we need to look at why we are small government and he goes on to say that Republicans are not, not matter how much they say it. I am not sure if Kristol would agree with this part but I honestly believe you must be able to understand economics. That is the main purpose of this site. It is to shape your mind into thinking about everyday things in a different way. Not just saying the bailouts are bad but actually explaining how they are bad. Here is more from his article in The International Herald Tribune:

“But conservatives should think twice before charging into battle against Obama under the banner of “small-government conservatism.” It’s a banner many Republicans and conservatives have rediscovered since the election and have been waving around energetically. Jeb Bush, now considering a Senate run in 2010, even went so far as to tell Politico last month, “There should not be such a thing as a big-government Republican.”

Really? Jeb Bush was a successful and popular conservative governor of Florida, with tax cuts, policy reforms and privatizations of government services to show for his time in office. Still, in his two terms state spending increased more than 50 percent – a rate faster than inflation plus population growth. It turns out, in the real world of Republican governance, that there aren’t a whole lot of small-government Republicans.

Five Republicans have won the presidency since 1932: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the two George Bushes. Only Reagan was even close to being a small-government conservative. And he campaigned in 1980 more as a tax-cutter and national-defense-builder-upper, and less as a small-government enthusiast in the mold of the man he had supported – and who had lost – in 1964, Barry Goldwater. And Reagan’s record as governor and president wasn’t a particularly government-slashing one.”

So why are you a small government conservative?

The rest is here.



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