Wine Anarchy!

Lew Rockwell’s blog stumbled over this:

“Winemaker Christian Tietje is a hedonist. He says so right on the Four Vines Website. But one taste of Anarchy, his unconventional Rhone blend and you would have assumed that anyway. Combining Syrah and Zinfandel and Mourvedre, Tietje has created a sensuous, rich, palate-pleasing winner. The Syrah lends that smooth, velvety mouthfeel. The Zin adds zesty spice and bramble berry back end. The Mourvedre adds the anise and the marriage license for the all the varietals to unite.

At a whopping 15 percent alcohol, this fruit bomb of a wine works, mainly because it was blended well: 40% Syrah, 29% Zin, and 31% Mourvedre. Unlike more conventional Rhone blends that use Grenache, it is heavy of body, has a heady, spicy nose, and presents west side Paso Robles in a bottle. Alas, only 900 cases were produced but don’t resort to anarchy to get a bottle of the 2004 Anarchy. By the time you read this, the 2005 vintage of this different style Rhone”

Find where you can buy the wine here.


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  1. Anarchy is OK, but for a pro-capitalism vino with a libertarian bent, make some pumpkin wine this fall!

  2. I don’t drink wine, but I like the bottle.

  3. Yes,

    I will have to work on a good label and name for my pumpkin wine.

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