Marxist of the Week: Steven Soderbergh, Director of New Che Guevara

Most people have seen a teenager or college student wearing a t-shirt with the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. This blog recently put up a video on about this situation. I was ever more intrigued so I looked into the Che moving and found an interview with its director Steven Soderbergh on Politico. This is what I would like to direct your attention to:

Why make “Che”? What relevance does it have to 2008?

“We’re certainly seeing the result of what happens when you make profit the point of everything, where money that’s being earned doesn’t represent any particular product or labor on anybody’s part. That can’t sustain, because it’s magical thinking. It can’t go on indefinitely, because eventually it crashes. Che’s dream of a classless society, a society that isn’t built on the profit motive, is still relevant. The arguments still going on are about his methodology. “

This coming from a director who is trying to make money on this movie and has made lots of money on many other movies. The very next question is this:

What do you think the Obama administration will do about Cuba?

“What they ought to do is really obvious. Whether they’ll do it is one of these questions in which you have a lot of people with certain beliefs controlling the dialogue, and therefore the problem is not getting solved. How many years are you supposed to give a bad idea? Would you stay married for 45 years to someone you hated? It’s obvious what we’re doing isn’t working. The answer is: Lift the embargo, and flood that place with tourists, put the onus on them and call their bluff. The people of the U.S. are the best advertisement for its ideals. Not its government.”

Did he just say lift the embargo and flood that place with tourists? At the same time rails against making a profit off of everything? Profits are what companies need to be reinvested into their companies for research and development. The wages are what people make for their labor. Sure, some people find executive in companies wages outrageous but they make that much money because they earn lots of money for their investors. Investors as we can see with the financial sector investors are very important. Without these investors you can not expand because there is no one to fund their ideas. They attract investors by being good at things.

The profit motive in fact allows Mr. Soderbergh to idolize Communists in movies because there is a demand for these movies. This is the same irony that is built into the Che t-shirts. Mr. Soderbergh along with Che are against making everything a profit motive. It is the fact that there is a profit motive that people remember Che through t-shirts and the fact people will come watch this four and a half hour movie. Mr. Soderbergh suggesting that we should allow tourist to go to Cuba to further American ideas, is showing his faith in the free market and profit motive. He is making the correlation himself! So is he a bipolar communist? Or is the real answer to the first question “because I wanted to make money off of the t-shirt market that has blown up?”


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