Goodbye Unions, Hello Socialism?

As with every market swing, everyone turns their back on Capitalism without ever believing that it was the government that messed up the market. This is somewhat like an Atheist blaming god for his misfortunes. The reason why I use the title Atheist because there are very few people who believe in Capitalism and even fewer who understand it. Anyone who blames Capitalism, calls on things like greed for the reason for this downturn. The problem with that line of thinking is that there is no greed button and someone didn’t just turn it on. So even though people will continue to turn their backs upon Capitalism there are some positives to a downturn for us Capitalists. This one in particular is coming from France via  International Herald Tribune:

“Today, with the global economy once again in a tailspin, European workers have remained conspicuously quiet. Germany’s most powerful union, IG Metall, reached a modest wage deal with employers in record time last month, avoiding crippling strikes and reflecting, perhaps, a national predilection for caution. Yet even in France, where there have been scattered protests over factory closings and job cuts, there is little evidence of a unified labor reaction. Tellingly, efforts by the CGT to organize a nationwide protest before Christmas have fizzled, prompting union leaders to postpone the initiative until next year.”

This is likely because they are learning from their Detroit counterparts. It makes no different how much you demand and how much you strike, if there is no company able to afford you. You end up being much worse off than you were. There is more and more global competition which makes it easier for a factory in France to move somewhere else. So raise hell unions because your days are numbered.

Socialism cannot live without Capitalism and the richer people get the more Socialist they become. But Socialism is not cheap and as social programs grow so do taxes and inflation. We can only hope our new President Barack Obama will refrain from all of his Socialism rhetoric and shrink the size of government. If he chooses the opposite our days as a wealthy nation are numbered.


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