Marxist of the Week: President-Elect Barack Obama

This from the International Herald:

“President-elect Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are considering major expansions of government-assisted health care insurance and unemployment compensation as they begin intensive work on a two-year economic recovery package.

One proposal, as described by Democratic advisers, would extend unemployment compensation to part-time workers, an idea that congressional Republicans have blocked in the past.

Other policy changes would subsidize employers’ expenses for temporarily continuing health insurance coverage to laid-off and retired workers and their dependents, as mandated under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986, or Cobra, and allow workers who lost jobs that did not come with insurance benefits to be eligible, for the first time, to apply for Medicaid coverage.”

The Newer Deal here we come. It seems that President-Elect Obama believes that there was not enough ideas taken out of the Socialist and Communist platforms. Now he wants to do these two major things and believes that they will help the economy boom. Where is he going to get the money is my first question?

The first policy makes less sense then the second. The first policy gives unemployment benefits to part-time workers because this goes on the record of the employer, they are going to be unlikely to hire young people to work seasonal jobs. Why wouldn’t you apply for unemployment benefits? Along with that unemployment will only rise more. If you pay people not to work they won’t work.

The second policy makes a little more sense because you are giving money to businesses that lay-off worker. This is good in the sense that people may return to the job after the employer takes the time to lay people off and make a profit. The bad part is it does the same thing. It gives people the incentive not to work.



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