The Amish Exception – Building Permits

The Amish have done really well at winning their cases and lobbing the government. I do not know how this happens but it continues to today. The Amish do not pay or receive Social Security benefits. If any other citizen decided to do this it wouldn’t happen. Now the Amish are suing due to building permits. They claim that the state is infringing upon their religion. This from the USA Today:

“Eleven Old Order Amish families sued a northern New York community Tuesday, claiming that its refusal to grant permits for their traditionally built homes is religious discrimination.

The Amish families claim in the federal lawsuit that the town of Morristown is targeting them for building code enforcement.

“The Amish, who were chased out of Europe hundreds of years ago by government harassment and persecution, are being singled out by petty officials apparently bent on chasing the Amish out of New York,” said Eric Rassbach, national litigation director at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a Washington, D.C.-based legal organization that joined in the lawsuit.

“The U.S. Constitution, and legal precedent all the way to the Supreme Court, are clear. The Amish, who are known throughout the world as master craftsmen and master builders, have the right to practice their beliefs. That includes building and living in homes that conform to those beliefs,” Rassbach said.”

Now I am against Social Security and building permits but I can not figure out how the Amish continue to get an exception. All I know is I am starting a religion where paying taxes is a sin.

The rest is here.


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