Why politics cannot solve anything…

The Politico is reporting that environmentalist are butting heads with Democrats over the stimulus spending. Democrats want the money to go to roads and bridges while environmentalists believe that this will only cause more cars on the road. The environmentalists then cheered that the money was going to tax cuts and not transportation. Yes, I just said environmentalists cheered for tax cuts.

This is why Democrats cannot solve anything. They are made up of a bunch of minorities that join together to get what they want done. This seems like a smart plan because, other than unions, minority groups are on the rise. The problem is that they cannot get anything done because it is very hard to do the right thing without stepping on anyone’s toes. Therefore, they must only satisfy their groups in order to continually get elected.

This does not leave Republicans out in the cold. In fact, the Republicans often do the same thing but I believe it is done on an individual basis. People who support free trade are mostly Republicans and most of the time free trade helps corporations in the long run but hurts them in the short run. This is the same with unions who almost always oppose free trade. Free trade benefits the American people as a whole but only the President is elected by everyone and that is only roughly the case.

The simple fact is that all politicians are trying to maximize votes. This means that they have to pander to whomever will elect them. A Republican or Democrat can oppose tariffs but only if they do not have a large union in their district. Most of the unions are in the North and most of the Democrats are in the North, do I need to show the correlation past that? I do not know how to change the system but this is the key question that we must solve for the future.


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