The Fed Kills

If you believe in the Austrian Business Cycle that the Fed caused this boom then you would call the Federal Reserve a murder here from the USA Today:

“Many mental-health crisis and suicide hotlines are reporting a surge in calls from Americans feeling despair over financial losses.

It’s unknown if the economic meltdown will lead to more suicides, says Lanny Berman, executive director of the Washington-based American Association of Suicidology. “Maybe the fact that so many are calling is a positive sign. They’re seeking help.”

Although suicides spiked during the Great Depression, they didn’t increase in subsequent recessions, which lasted an average of 10 months, according to the suicidology group’s website. The current recession is 13 months long and counting

Concern centers on rising unemployment, Berman says, because the unemployed have two to four times the suicide rate of employed adults.

Also, there’s a strong link between humiliating losses and committing suicide. “Losing your job, losing your home — these are such major losses,” Berman says. Although the majority can cope, adults who already have mental health problems or lack supportive relationships are most vulnerable, he says.”

So the next time the Fed lowers interest rates know that heads are going to roll and they aren’t going to be bureaucratic ones.



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