Why is Slavery bad?

This discussion was inspired by Ludwig Von Mises’ book called “Liberalism.” In the question above most people would answer that it is morally bad. That all men are created equal under god. This though is a religious argument and the original thought process would not be stopped by this argument. Not to mention that the slave owner could proclaim to be an atheist. The slave owner argument was always that the people would be worse off if they were sent out on their own. That with the slave owner they are assured a meal and a roof over their head.

Instead the economic argument against slavery is a simple one. Everyone will always work harder for themselves then they ever would for anyone else. It is elementary, those who receive benefits will do whatever it takes to continue to receive those benefits. This means that as a society and even as a individual farm, we are not achieving the maximum productivity that we could have.

In the pre-Civil War South, we find that there are many journals written by plantation owners who constantly complain that they cannot motivate slaves. It was even worse in Russia pre-Revolution, no one owned the slaves and they ran them into the ground. This was a classic example of the tragedy of the commons. The interesting question that has not been answered is why did slavery start in the first place, economically. We know that slave owners believe that they were superior and that the slaves would be worse off without them.

Slavery has been a practice for a long time and in order for the above thought process to work it must have been economically efficient at some time. The Economics of Slavery is more complicated then what can be dicussed in this one post. But the next time someone someone talks about slavery and why it is bad, you can sound educated.


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  3. this is gay as hell

  4. this doesn’t really say why slavery was good it says more why slavery is good. i am not a fan of this cuz i doesn’t state why it is bad

    • u r wrong

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