Watch out Unions here comes Obama?

I read this right before the inauguration of President Barack Obama from the Washington Post:

“If we’re losing half a million jobs a month, then there are no jobs to unionize, so my focus first is on those key economic priority items I just mentioned,” he said. “Let’s see what the legislative docket looks like.”

This pretty much sums up my feelings on Barack Obama. He has changed the way many people look at politics. He has a large following that do not know anything but hope and change. The sad part is when you confront them with that they do not even deny it. Obama could be the best President or he could be the worst. I would imagine he will be a lot closer to the second. My basis for this is because of the major government intervention that he will do to try and solve this economic crisis.

All most all Democrats are pro-Unions and it is surprising to see the man that was going to renegotiate NAFTA and was saying he wasn’t out the back door, doesn’t seem to be concerned with Unions. This is crazy because I would imagine many of the Unions voted in a large majority for Obama. Now of course there is always the option that he is pandering and politicians do that best. Either way, this is not just a conservative argument but this is an anyone who is anti-Union argument.

So the fact is noone has any clue what Obama is going to do as President? And it takes a wise and just man to not use a massive ignorant following for evil.


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